Achieve Clarity In

Business and Life

If you don't have the authentic clarity on why you exist, how can you expect your future clients to be clear and excited on why they should do business with you?

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  • Are you waking up each morning with a burning desire to fulfill a worthwhile mission at a level of excitement that inspires others to action?
  • Do you find yourself blaming your lack of progress on lack of motivation, low energy, or distractions and procrastination, leaving you falling behind in business and life?
  • Have you found yourself working so hard without the results, that you are beginning to wonder if you're even doing the right thing anymore?

Imagine having clarity on:


The answer to what you are. The first thing that will come to people's minds when asked about your legacy.

The reason why you do it. Why you get out of bed in the morning. Why you fight so hard for your business and your family.



It's what success looks like, in your own words. It's the finish line that you must see (mindsight) before you can ever reach it.

The culmination of identity, mission, and vision focused into the realization of success in business and life.


The Challenge

We're often so excited to get started in life and business that we rush into a doing a bunch of things that we see others do. We don't ask questions and just follow the herd of our out-of-touch education or the poor advice of well-meaning friends and family.

Then instead of starting at the top with clarity and developing a strategy consistent with our passions and goals, we end up spending a lot of time, energy, and money only to be stuck with a business name, a logo, 500 business cards, and little to no success.

It doesn't have to be that way. There is a reset button if you've already begun and a way to do it right if you haven't.

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Your Journey

The Interview


After years of being conditioned to follow the herd, stop thinking big, and quit asking those pesky questions, many of us have resigned ourselves living other people's beliefs.

You have the right answers. Nobody has asked you the right questions yet. Our first step in an interview to drill deep into your identity, purpose, passions, and mission.

Create Your Identity


Too often, we attach ourselves to the wrong identity. It's not about "who you are" or "what you do". Who you are is a result of things beyond your choice and control. What you do is nothing more than a title on a business card.

Instead, we start at the top and answer the question, "What are you?" It's not always an easy question to answer, but it's an important one that will be your guide in life and business.

Declare Your Mission and Vision


Like a car driving through thick fog, if our outlook is hazy, we'll end up driving slow and getting lost. The little known truth is that we will never achieve that which we cannot see.

It's time to bust through the fog. Here's where you are going to make a declaration on why exactly you get out of bed each morning and what the finish line looks like when you succeed. Not only for others, but for yourself.

Distill and Clarify


Once you are clear, we can now distill your purpose into a strong message. This message manifests itself in many ways, including, your energy, thoughts, words, behavior, mannerisms, and intentions.

By this point, you will now be able to answer the fateful question of "What do you do?" (Hint: The answer is NOT what you actually do) More importantly, over time, your message will transcend form words to feeling as you become whole with your business.

Deliver Big


Now we can work on how to deliver this message to the bigger audience of the world in an effective and powerful manner. Here is the art of energizing a crowd, saying enough but not too much, and making them thirsty learn more and excited to take action.

Over time, you will see how it's not what you say, but how you say it and how much you believe it that makes all the difference in the world.



The obvious next step, where most people start too soon, is building everything you've created into a strong business (and life) strategy. Now you can launch yourself and your business into the next steps, such as:

○ Business Plan

○ Presentations/Pitches (6 min to 6 days)

○ Marketing/ Brand Awareness

○ Logos/Taglines/Trademarks

○ Goals and Milestones

○ Funding and Finance

Where would you like to (re)start?

Clarity Package


  • Interview
  • Create Your Identity
  • Declare Your Mission and Vision
  • Distill and Clarify
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Delivery Package

Restart Life and Business


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  • Help create a compelling presentation or pitch
  • Create a clear and powerful call to action.
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  • Clarity Package
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  • The Mental Toughness to never quit until success.



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What Others Have Said

"I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have met Josh. He has that rare ability to synthesize complex human/personal obstacles and unpack their meaning. He helps you to under the why and the how it impacts and affects you. It’s truly discovering this knowledge within yourself and understanding it, that allows for complete freedom and empowerment. We have a habit of sabotaging ourselves and Josh will help you break those chains."

Peter T. Cook

Founder/CEO Plane It Safe

"Josh’s enthusiasm and his abrasive honesty rocked me to my core. His tenacity and ability to read through my b*s and call me out when needed or make me stand up for what I truly want was life changing. For the first time in a long time I had someone meeting me at my level and holding me accountable."

Founder/CEO Invincible Victoria

Jackie Victoria

"Too many people live above their means and below their potential. It doesn't have to be that way. It can't stay that way."

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