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If your life isn't your business, whose business is it?

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It all starts with Personal Brand Clarity

  • Are you waking up each morning confused, frustrated, and unmotivated because you don't have a clear sense of direction in the haziness that is your day?
  • Have you found yourself working so freaking hard without the desired results, that you are beginning to wonder if you're even doing the right thing anymore?
  • Do you stumble and fumble to entice and excite your ideal client/partner into action when they ask, "What do you do?"

Make it Personal.

Create Your Brand.

Achieve Clarity.

Too many of us "escape" Corporate America and rush into entrepreneurship without a clear and authentic mission and monetization path. Instead of setting ourselves free, we set ourselves up to crawl back to our corporate cage only to become yet another statistic of business failure.

The Challenge

We're often so excited to get started in life and business that we rush into a doing a bunch of things that we see others do. We don't ask questions and just follow the herd of our out-of-touch education or the poor advice of well-meaning friends and family.

Then instead of starting at the top with clarity and developing a strategy consistent with our passions and goals, we end up spending a lot of time, energy, and money only to be stuck with a business name, a logo, 500 business cards, and little to no success.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There is a reset button if you've already begun and a way to do it right if you haven't.

" If you could, why not get paid for simply being you?"

What is your personal brand?

I think I may vomit if I hear another person talk about branding!

I understand if this is how you feel also. It's overplayed, underused, and oh so cliche. Let's look at it from a different angle.

Imagine that your personal brand is the foundation of what you will manifest in business and life. That is, what you believe you are, you will become, whether you wish to or not.

And if you have no clue as to what that is, well, let's just say it's not good.

Identify - Your identity is WHAT YOU ARE. Your mission, vision, talents, skills, and more allow YOU to choose what you are.

Express - This is how you articulate and begin to manifest your Identity through energizing of message, monetization of talent, and creation of strategy.

Actualize - Now it's showtime. Here you and your ideas become reality with the full suite of the tangibles and intangibles required for success.


The IdEA Hierarchy

"Nobody cares what you know until they know why you care."

Why your personal brand?

Were you ever told, like me, that you can either have a great business or a great home life, but not both? Or perhaps that you can either love what you do or make lots of money?


Your personal brand is the unique approach based on the concept that life and business are inextricably linked. They cannot be separated, nor should they be.

Business is changing in the 2020s. People want to know why you care before they care what you know. So if we try to build a business without bringing our authentic and genuine selves to the message, we will be ignored faster than you can say "going out of business."

"Run your life like a business so that your business can fund your life."

Our Most Popular Programs

Customziation requests welcome.

Approximate duration: 4 weeks


This is for the person looking to escape Corporate America but doesn't know where to start, or the entrepreneur looking to restart the right way, with authenticity and clarity.

I promise that you have the right answers. It's that nobody has asked you the right questions...yet. We will work closely to "dis-cover" your potential and create that unstoppable identity.

✪ Weekly personal meetings for ideation, discovery, and direct coaching and implementation of program.

✪ Talent/Skill/Passion Discovery System to use as the cement in pouring your new foundation.

✪ We create your Identity, Personal Mission, and Vision in order to have the clarity of knowing exactly why you get out of bed each morning.

✪ We devise "Your One Thing" goal-crushing plan so that you can still make this a worthwhile year.

✪ The clarity needed to be excited about life again and the clarity required to go fast.

What You Get

Your Investment


Approximate duration: 8 weeks


This is for the person who not only wants personal clarity, but also wants to get that message out to the world.

This program is also perfect for the independent professional that knows they must stand out from the crowded marketplace and industry.

Imagine not having to be yet another real estate agent, insurance broker, or the like and instead become the go-to person in a wide-open playing field.

✪ Everything in Identity Plus (at no additional charge), including weekly personal meetings.

✪ Create a business identity that will allow you to literally destroy all competition.

✪ We use the Monetization Method to open up other revenue streams never previously considered.

✪ Integrate your personal story into your business message in order to connect on a deeper level with future clients.

✪ We answer the question "What do you do?" with a powerful 19-second answer that will leave them thirsty to learn more.

✪ We develop and perfect a 10-minute pitch so that you can properly articulate all that you are becoming and doing in a way that calls your ideal clients to action.

✪ The confidence and conviction to walk into a room and speak volumes without having to say a word.

What You Get

Your Investment


Approximate duration: 16 weeks


This option is for those who wish to take their personal mission, passion, and value and combine it with their growing business.

If your business is in the forming stages or needs a refresh with heightened clarity, we will take inventory of where you and your business are, get immense clarity on where it needs to go, and then create the plan to get it there.

✪ Everything in Identity Plus and Express Personal (at no additional charge), including weekly personal meetings.

✪ Create all components of High Strategy for your company, including mission and vision statements, ideal client avatar, client journey, value proposition, name, taglines, personal story, and exit strategy.

✪ Receive coaching on how to deliver a killer presentation from waking them up, to keeping them on the edge of their seat, to the final call-to-action.

✪ We will create a 60-minute pitch/storytelling/educational presentation/webinar so that you have the most powerful and adaptable message with you at all times.

✪ Professional sales coaching on how to talk to people on a core level, how to be ridiculously likeable (so they will have time to trust you), and every aspect of closing from overcoming objections to asking the right questions.

✪ The foundations of success at a business and personal level and an unbreakable dedication to the person you were meant to become.

What You Get

Your Investment


I know for a fact that the results we will get are going to be so powerful, that there will be no going back to the old you or the old business model.

However, if you become the first one to prove me wrong, I'm happy to refund your money in full and without delay (and it still wouldn't have been a waste of our time.)

"If you don't know where you're going, every road will get you nowhere."

Freedom Fighter and Creator of Broke Is No Joke

Josh Zepess is a Corporate America escapee and reformed engineer who, after 20 years of staring a gray walls and being on his best behavior, decided that his future could no longer be contained within the walls of the cubicle.

As a compulsive creator, he quickly found his passion in speaking and writing, with a flair for subtle satire and witty, yet inappropriate, humor. His native language is sarcasm, though he does maintain a resplendent command of the English language, among others.

He’s also been known to act as a poet and comedian (not the funny kind) as he sends a message of Freedom, Social Justice, and Success to those who were told such things aren’t possible.

When he’s not racing obstacle courses, flying airplanes, brewing beer, or speed-eating, he is helping individuals and businesses create and articulate an authentic (brand) identity with clarity and power so that they can attract everything they desire.

He also coaches entrepreneurs on crafting and delivering pitches that punch people in the heart (while hugging them) so that their ideal clients and investors are thirsty to learn more and desperate to take action.

He founded Broke Is No Joke as an Edutainment Platform in 2019 as a way to help people escape the endless, pointless, self-defeating cycle of their personal or business rat race.

His vision is a world free of harmful ignorance where we can and must win together as world citizens through personal free trade, actualization of value, and unstoppable creation.


Josh Zepess

What To Expect Working With Josh

  • Ideation and Inspiration with each conversation, opening doors you never knew existed.
  • A "What's Next?" attitude that refuses to let you get stuck in the past at the expense of your future.
  • Accountability that goes both ways. We each are expected to do what we say we will do.
  • A cheerleader chock full of wisdom, mental toughness, and empathy to pour belief into you when you need it most.
  • Unbound patience while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency for results.
  • You will leave each conversation operating at a higher level of energy, focus, and expectation.

"They don't have to believe you. They must believe that you believe you."

What Others Have Said

"I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have met Josh. He has that rare ability to synthesize complex human/personal obstacles and unpack their meaning. He helps you to under the why and the how it impacts and affects you. It’s truly discovering this knowledge within yourself and understanding it, that allows for complete freedom and empowerment. We have a habit of sabotaging ourselves and Josh will help you break those chains."

Peter T. Cook

Founder/CEO Plane It Safe

"Josh’s enthusiasm and his abrasive honesty rocked me to my core. His tenacity and ability to read through my b*s and call me out when needed or make me stand up for what I truly want was life changing. For the first time in a long time I had someone meeting me at my level and holding me accountable."

Founder/CEO Invincible Victoria

Jackie Victoria

Kelly Kampf

Associate Director, GTIP

"Josh was such a perfect match for our organization. Working with him was seamless from scheduling the first interview all the way through to having the project completed.

He's a very dynamic person, with a great sense of humor, with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm for what he does. He was very kind and knowledgeable and spent time to really understand our organization.

I would highly recommend Josh to anyone looking for coaching and support especially around communicating what your organization does. We are so grateful to have found Josh!"

Outreach Coordinator,

Chautauqua Safety Village

Dena Hirliman

"From the onset, I was very impressed with Josh's unique profile and descriptions of his skillset and interests. His application to help me come up with a compelling letter I could send out to potential donors for our Safety Village lended a more personal approach.

He conveyed a professional and confident personality that, as a not-for-profit organization toughing it out during this pandemic, we valued above all other applicants. Once we started working together, I was amazed by how quickly Josh transformed my wordy first draft into an effective and targeted message. Josh seems to have a natural strength for helping people organize their thoughts and simplify the steps they need to take in order to accomplish their goals. He has an optimistic energy and makes success attainable by following just a few steps, which he conveniently laid out.

Thanks to his quick responses and communications via zoom and email, I have already distributed the letter to almost 100 potential sponsors. But Josh hasn't stopped there. He continually offers to help, and sends his tips for closing the deals with personal contact.

He even took it upon himself to write another letter we can use for our current donors. We...would glowingly recommend Joshua to any organization looking to boost their promotional, communication, and organizational arenas. He's got what it takes to help build a business!"

"Too many people live above their means and below their potential. It doesn't have to be that way. It can't stay that way."

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