Who Is JZ?

Freedom Fighter ☆ Creator ☆ Master Messenger

My Story

Broke Is No Joke an Edutainment Platform designed to help people in corporate America get to their next level of personal Freedom. 


From Online Freedom and Mastery Classes to 100-day Escaping the Rat Race Journeys to 1-on-1 Actualization coaching, it helps them unlock the cage that has them stuck, create their exit strategy from what’s not working to a new free life, and become the person worthy of success.


Broke Is No Joke was founded by Freedom Fighter Josh Zepess, who escaped a very successful 20-year corporate America career in 2014 and has never looked back. As an author, speaker, poet, and comedian (not the funny kind), he is taking his passion to help others in a variety of creative and impactful ways.


His vision is a world free of harmful ignorance where we can and must win together as world citizens through personal greatness, shared value, and unstoppable creation.

Values and Standards

Honesty is the only answer...all the time.

We win together or lose together in life.

Start. Never Quit.

Believing is seeing.

If it's meant to be, it's up to me.

Attitude of gratitude.

Look for blessing in all adversity.

JZ 2020 Observations

Social Media Copy


How Not To Stink At Being Likeable

Op Ed: An Open Letter To White People

Corporate America: Top 9 Things That They Won’t Tell You



Partnership, Strategy, Crafting a Message, or just ready to escape the rat race once and for all.



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