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Monday Mindwash

Ouch A Boo Boo

Have you ever stubbed your toe?  Did it ruin your whole day or did you keep moving, lay down your choice curse words, and forget about it shortly after that?  While there are many who do indeed get up on the wrong side of the bed, many manage to make it through the...

Creator In Chief

As a kid, I was told that there was a great being up there somewhere who was in charge of creating everything.  And that if I was a good guy, that being would create great things for me. It sure sounded wonderful until I got older and learned through cause and effect...

Again and A Gain

Ever see a farmer plant one seed and just watch, hope, and pray, patiently, for it to take root?  As if the farmer would expect such a seed to provide the ideal harvest? Remember the story about the guy who felled a tree with one swipe of the ax, or the infant who...

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