We’re a society of quitters that stink at quitting.  What if success were more about starting the good than quitting the bad? There is an immense focus in our society about quitting.  No, I don’t mean giving up on your dreams or goals. I mean actually quitting those things that are bad for you.  […]


Imagine turning the stress of your desk into a strategy for success   As is evident from my previous articles, it’s clear that I’m not a big fan of how we allow corporate America to entrap us in a soul-sucking job that is not designed to pay us what we’re worth, stresses us out, and […]


The joke about the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still just a rat (I didn’t say it was a funny joke.)   I did it.  I was 37 years old.  I had given 20 years of my life to corporate America as an engineer and manager.  I did everything I was […]


You build it and they profit. You rent it and they own it. You give your life and they live the life. Is this what you signed up for?

It’s unnatural. All of it. The corporate America experience we call the rat race is really a maze in which there is no solution and no cheese at the end.

Get up, sit in traffic, sit in our cubicle, eat something, sit in our cubicle some more, go home, complain about our day, and then do it all over again. And we dare to wonder why we’re so stressed out, underpaid, and underappreciated.

Before we get all up-in-arms about that Nigerian Prince that wants to wire us money, let’s take a look at the more deadly scheme happening much closer to home. We’re not just talking about losing our life savings, rather saving our life.

Here are the three ways corporate America is akin to a pyramid scheme and what you can do about it.


If you’re lost in a sea of unhappiness, sometimes it’s worth reaching your hand out to anything that floats.   If you’re going to reach out into the self-help realm, here are the top 5 books you should find quickly, grab tightly, absorb over and over.  They just might save your life. Each of these books […]



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