How we get trapped in the rat race and the recipe for how to get out… whether you are in corporate America or are just tired of the endless, pointless, self-defeating pursuit of the “American Dream”..

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The 3 Devastating Mistakes That Trap Talented Professionals In A Soul-Sucking Job (and How To Break Free)

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Are you sick and tired of sitting in traffic only to be underpaid and underappreciated at a job you hate, knowing there must be a better way?

Does the stress of your desk and the emptiness of your bank account make you feel like there has to be another path to success and happiness?

How many more days can you keep doing what you’re doing while hoping for something better? What if it’s not too late to change?


Imagine a life where you can dis-cover your true purpose, monetize your passions and talents, and grow into the person you were meant to become.  Would that be a life worth living? Let’s assume it’s not too late.


Reserve your seat for our next webinar and learn how to put all these pieces into place and more!

In this webinar, you will learn:

Why We're Stuck

Why talented people get stuck in soul-sucking  jobs they hate – and the game changing shift you need to make to break this cycle forever.  Even the comfort zone is only temporary.

Build Wealth and Happiness

How to create wealth and happiness – from right where you are, that will create an easy on-ramp for you to choose your next move from an empowered place.  Neither one starts in the workplace, but it can transcend any job, business, or career.

Elevate Mindset

The most important perspective you must take to elevate your mindset above the average person you spend time with at work.  Like crabs in the bucket, they really don’t want you to get out, for that means they must realize their own potential.

Upping Your Value

My #1 secret to getting paid what you’re worth in life (from any position).  In life, we will always get paid what we feel we’re worth.  So if we can raise our own identity/self-worth and create more value, we can realize this value in our bank accounts.

Your Escape Plan

How to escape the pointless, endless, and self-defeating job cycle once and for all so that you may achieve the freedom of time, energy, and money that you kill yourself over every day.  Turn sick and tired into happy and wealthy.

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  • I love the opportunity to hear from author of Slap Yourself and Adulterated, Josh Zepess, and be able to ask questions!


  • I love the chance to hit the reset button in my life and build it the right way!


  • I love that it’s free and that I have nothing to lose except my fears, doubts, and worries!


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Too many people live above their means and below their potential.  It doesn’t have to be that way and it can’t stay that way.

Josh Zepess

Author, Speaker, Poet, Comedian, Broke Is No Joke

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