Crushing Your Message


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What if the first rule of giving an effective presentation was to NOT present? It sounds strange, but few people want to be talked to. If communicating with their minds, connecting with their souls, and inspiring their hearts to take the right actions is your goal, then THIS is for you.


Creating The Message

Creating anything related to message, including titles, subtitles, elevator pitch, and content needed for 60-minute public presentation.  Ideation session leading to final message.


Delivering The Message

How to deliver the message effectively including crafting the proper flow of the presentation, speaking guidance, and call-to-action.  Drafting and practicing a killer presentation.


Create PPT and Handouts

Creating the PPT and handout materials for a speaking engagement.

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Creating The Message, Delivering The Message, Creating PPT and Handouts, Creating and Delivering Combo, The Total Package (all 3)


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