You get what you want [9] He briefly appears in "Electro", smashing up a guitar in the style of Jimi Hendrix. In the series 3 episode, Journey to the Centre of Punk, he is described as having been a famous jazz musician that lived by the swamps of Mississippi. Love Games song, - I certify that I am over 13 years old. 3 You know me. Why are you going? Burlesque & Classic Striptease Music. You get what you want . In the first series episode "The Hitcher" he has an abnormally large thumb, as well as nose and chin. Vince Noir was originally created by Noel Fielding for the 1998 stage show The Mighty Boosh. In 1978, Naboo was mistakenly sent to Earth by the King of Xooberon to protect the amulet of the planet's Fountain of Youth. Vince is a fan of electro music (including Gary Numan[14] and The Human League[14]), The Rolling Stones,[15] punk rock,[2] and glam rock (including Kiss[1]). [3] By the 2006 stage show, he had opened a second hand shop called the Nabootique (sometimes known as Naboo's Nik-Naks). He last appeared in the 2006 stage show, Boosh Live. Kirk is a child Shaman, and a member of the Board of Shaman. [21] His catchphrase is "I've got a bad feeling about this...", a reference to Star Wars and said in every show since "The Call of the Yeti". Old Gregg is a fictional merman character from the British comedy television series The Mighty Boosh, who has green skin, webbed hands, seaweed hair and female genitalia. They are portrayed by Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown. Search. [8] Bainbridge later tries to sell the Zooniverse to build a road over it in "Jungle"; a plan which is later averted by Howard and Vince. You pull me up with your strong arms See more ideas about old gregg, greggs, the mighty boosh. The Hitcher is portrayed by Noel Fielding. tiff. [27][28] Old Gregg is in love with Howard Moon; singing a song with him entitled "Love Games", chronicling his obsession and Howard's reluctance, and later proposing to Howard. [14] By the second series he has become Naboo's familiar spirit, and has appeared in every episode since. Loading... Unsubscribe from Tayler Baker? 0:15. Thank You Sir. This might allude to the splicing of human and aquatic dweller DNA, or poss… Bob Fossil is portrayed by Rich Fulcher. [19] He beheaded Lester Corncrake at Howard Moon's birthday party. He later went on to appear in the 2006 stage show, The Mighty Boosh. They use it to perform at the pub; singing a song about having "The Funk". What cant we do it now? [5], The Hitcher has a confused history; he states in "The Hitcher" that as a child his parents were ashamed of his small thumb (prompting him to seek out the Hornet Shaman). I know what youre thinking By looking deep into the parka, one can see one's deepest desire. Do you like Old Gregg's Place? It is eventually defeated by an infected safety pin (previously used by Sid Vicious) and walks away complaining, falling over just outside the door of the Nabootique. 0:15. That was our first date Old Gregg has two distinct hands..his left hand is green and webbed, and the right has a white glove on it. [31], Old Gregg is first seen in the 2005 episode, "The Legend of Old Gregg" in which he meets and falls in love with Howard, who is then rescued by Vince. 10 Tracks 221159 Views. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Several such references are made in the episode "Party", especially when he kisses Howard passionately to avoid being beheaded by Dennis the head shaman. From the 1990s until he was shot dead in 2003 by rival associates, Gregg served as brigadier of the UDA's South East Antrim Brigade. [4] This usually leads into a 'crimp': a short, completely random song and dance that quickly strays off-topic and often involves harmony. The Parka People are a diminutive race of people who wear parkas that completely obscure their features. In the series three episode Party, it is revealed that he is a virgin. You love me. Saboo is portrayed by Richard Ayoade. You will require an account to build your own soundboard or buy sound tracks.! [10] He then appears briefly in the 2007 TV episode, "The Strange Tale of The Crack Fox" being Naboo's executioner for the crime of giving a malevolent fox access to shaman juice. [5] He is also a proponent of jazz fusion, especially proficient at playing slap bass. I got the funk You dont know me phil1nelson. 5 out of 5 stars (427) 427 reviews £ 3.99. Maybe I should ask you the same question? [3], Tony first appeared, alongside the rest of the Board of Shaman, in the 2005 TV episode "Nanageddon", where he and fellow Shaman Saboo are given the task of finding and exorcising the powerful demon Nanatoo, which ends in Saboo ejecting him from his magic carpet out of annoyance. In the TV version Tommy has subsisted for years on nothing but cheese, and as a result his head has turned into cheese. [30] It's also noted that he once fainted after reading a pelican's mind, painted his pubic hairs yellow so he could "read in the bed", and that when he breaks wind people in Africa go "Haaaah". Old Gregg. Kirk is a nephew of Noel Fielding's former girlfriend Dee Plume, although Noel referred to Kirk as his own nephew. … Watch fullscreen. 1317 Old Wallace Gregg Rd, Florence, SC 29506 is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,405 sqft single-family home built in 2013. He is an ardent fan of Fleetwood Mac, to the extent of suggesting playing the album Tusk in its entirety while DJing Howard's birthday party with Saboo. Youve seen my downstairs mix-up On radio, Fossil liked Vince and hated Howard, while on television he generally dislikes both of them, although by season 3 he's friendly to Vince, and his radio persona is somewhat replaced by employer Bainbridge. The Spirit of Jazz/Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson is portrayed by Noel Fielding. [31], The Hitcher is sometimes accompanied by two short, rotund henchmen called the Piper Twins. terms of usage. [15] He was last seen delivering a box to the Nabootique.[20]. [4] Next he appeared in the episode "The Nightmare of Milky Joe" as one of the coconut people. In both versions he is the previous owner of the zoo where Howard and Vince work; he is assumed by many to be dead. 21:43. Im Old Gregg Download skin now! Old Gregg’s tracks Zion by Old Gregg published on 2020-10-02T16:31:29Z. The legend of old gregg. Vince is often sarcastic towards Howard and sometimes acts out similar to a teenager with a parent, but he always sticks by him in the end. [17] He is often very childlike and emotional. [5] In the second series, he was living in a flat in Dalston with Howard, Naboo and Bollo, and playing in a band with Howard. Maybe I will deal with it Some say he could be half man half fish, others say it might be more of a 70/30 split. Howard and Vince tease each other constantly, but there is a deep bond between them and both have demonstrated repeatedly that they will risk death to rescue each other from various dangerous situations. Tags. [12] Tony is married, and makes frequent reference to Mrs Harrison who, as yet, has not been seen on the show. will be sent to address. He is vain, despite being described as "generic-looking"[1] and often makes outrageous claims which often turn out to be true (he claims, for instance, to have turned down a lucrative offer extended by Walt Disney himself to sort all of Disney's felt-tip pens). Rudi is a High Priest of the Order of the Psychedelic Monks. [3], Vince's main personality trait is his relaxed outlook on life, living with perpetually laid back ease, socialising easily with those around him. "[1] In the radio series, Bob has a brother called Wilbur who reunites him and his mother, who had believed that Bob died in Vietnam. [18][19] He is a member of the Board of Shaman, and like many members he is a heavy drinker and rides on the magic carpet.[10]. You know what your problem is? Such tendencies are first noted in the episode "Journey to the Centre of the Punk" when his singular brain cell remarks to Howard that he "does swing both ways" but didn't really feel "it" with him. 1 decade ago. [5][20] His real name is Baboo Yagu, but he is almost always referred to as The Hitcher. Old Gregg then joins Howard in the 2006 stage show, after tracking him down and having himself delivered in a box, where they sing a rendition of "Love Games" and are later seen kissing. [2] He mistakenly believes he is black. Howard ignorantly made a deal with him years ago, which the spirit claimed would make Howard one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time (in Yorkshire). Describeinjure. Old Gregg is a hermaphroditic merman who occasionally refers to his vagina, which emits a blinding light that "makes you feel tingly", as his "mangina". I just opted for painting my hand green instead. He is loud and brash and is normally portrayed as Howard and Vince's enemy, often trying to set them up for disaster, although on occasion he has expressed attraction to both of them. He claims to have earned his door by becoming spiritually enlightened as a monk. The Mighty Boosh centres on the adventures of Howard Moon (Barratt) and Vince Noir (Fielding), aided by the other two members of the central cast, Naboo the Enigma (Michael Fielding) and Bollo (Peter Elliott/Dave Brown), who by series 3 they share a flat with. 3:26 . He could have the ability to walk upright, but at times reverts to a frog-like crouch. He next appeared in "Mutants", where he is stolen by Bainbridge to mutate. [8], His first appearance is in the pilot episode of the TV series, portrayed by Richard Ayoade. [1] He next appears in "Tundra", a remake of the original pilot episode. 0 0. In the first series he works at the Zooniverse as a zookeeper, alongside Vince. Think about it Old Gregg. He then appears in "Mutants", where he steals and mutilates the various animals and keepers of the Zooniverse. [20] Old Gregg last appeared in a deleted scene from the 2007 episode, "Party", disguised as a woman who has taken a liking to Howard.[32]. has been spoken by him during every appearance in the show. In the United States and some other parts of the world it has been largely superseded by Gregg shorthand, which was first published in 1888 by John Robert Gregg. Old Gregg. [20] His latest appearance was in the 2007 television episode, "Eels", in which he attempts to run a protection racket on The Nabootique.[10]. Jan 2, 2017 - Explore C's board "Old Gregg" on Pinterest. Part 2 of The Boosh Attends Hogwarts; Language: English Words: 19,717 Chapters: 7/7 Comments: 11 Kudos: 10 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 225; Young Gregg by MjolnirMjolfar Fandoms: The Mighty Boosh (TV) Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; M/M; Work in Progress; 03 Sep 2018. I'm a scaly man fish, if you don't like this then I'll deal with you, the way I dealt with Curly Jefferson! Im old Gregg 2 Naboo is a freelance shaman from the alien planet Xooberon, and has the ability and knowledge of many spells; and is also a recreational drug user and a drug dealer. Make an assesment [13] Fossil was last seen on the TV show, in the episodes "Party" and "The Chokes".[3]. 1 Tracks 111303 Views. We got Baileys... Membership is free, secure and easy. He was then portrayed by Julian Barratt in the 2004 episode "Jungle", and the 2005 episode "The Priest and the Beast" of the TV series. Back to Old Gregg. Tony is barely mobile within the show, but is frequently outraged at suggestions that this is the case. He was originally created for the 1998 stage show, The Mighty Boosh, and also appeared in an out-take for the "Jazz" episode of the 2001 radio series The Boosh, both portrayed by Rich Fulcher. What do you mean? Thats right I got a propostion Stream Tracks and Playlists from Old Gregg on your desktop or mobile device. He inhabits a cave below the lake in a village called Black Lake. Hi there Did it mean you love me? Ol Gregg gets what he wants Old Gregg, Greggs Place. Karman Ramsay. Directed by Paul King. hmmm.... 2 Cat Sound Effects. Wanna come to a club where people wee on each other? [19] A deleted scene from "Nanageddon" reveals that Saboo trained Kirk in the ways of the Shaman.[26]. Wanna come to a club where people wee on each other? The Piper Twins are dressed similarly to the Hitcher, with similar Polo mint eyes, but wear bowler hats and have long red moustaches, made from strawberry bootlaces. I'm Old Gregg. Do you think you could ever love me? She was, however, interested in Vince, admiring his paintings, remarking that Vince's portrait of Howard (a featureless face atop a Zooniverse uniform) looked just like him, and going to Vince when her snake was stolen by Bainbridge, much to Howard's disgust and envy.[1]. [12] He is married to an extreme sports calendar model who tried to seduce Vince in the episode 'Party'. Vince also claims he is the "King of the Mods". He was created for "The Legend of Old Gregg", a 2005 episode of the TV series. Recurring characters from the television series, the radio series, and the various stage shows are listed below. Vince is also shown to be vain and sometimes narcissistic, putting great pride in his appearance and his hair[9] and sometimes neglecting his friend Howard in episodes of self-absorption. In the TV series, he is the manager of the Zooniverse and zoo owner Dixon Bainbridge's right-hand man. He was originally created for "Nanageddon", an episode of the second series of The Mighty Boosh and later appeared in three episodes of the third series, "Eels", "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox" and "Party". We could do some watercolors together Ive got all things that are good here You know what that is? Don Henderlite Jr. The MLS # for this home is MLS# 20204014. He has a poor grasp of English, and is described by Tony Harrison as "an alabaster retard". Favorite Answer. In the second series, Howard and Vince have left the zoo and formed a band together. Vince is horrified, but he becomes jealous moments later when Howard begins flirting with a girl.[3]. (Suggest sum stuff you would want me to u... Did you fart? Thats right. 239K likes. You pull me up with your strong arms. From shop DoodleBeansShop. Dennis is portrayed by Julian Barratt. He is mentioned in the episode "Electro" as having tried to form a glam-folk-rock band with Vince. Mrs Gideon is portrayed by Victoria Wicks. 10:38. It aired on BBC Three on August 23, 2005, and was directed by Paul King and written by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. Bollo was originally portrayed by Dave Brown, and also portrayed in the first TV series by Peter Elliot. Youve made me very happy. They then leave, planning to bring the funk back to London. In the season two episode entitled "Fountain of Youth", Howard Moon claimed to be the same age as Vince but in a later episode in season three,[3] Vince is ten years younger. [12] He is a shaman, and member of the Board of Shaman. Vince Noir went on to appear in three more stage shows, a radio series and a TV series on BBC Three. The Moon made a cameo appearance in the first episode of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, and in June 2013 he made an appearance in a video message at Channel 4's Comedy Gala. He is briefly mentioned in the third series finale.[3]. @spicyboisco @sacredhiverecords @gradientperspective @colorblindmusicgroup @theuntz . But you aint very good are you? He is played by Olly Ralfe in this short scene. Mrs Gideon was the Head of Reptiles at the Zooniverse in the first series of the TV show. Love games? 10:38. Bainbridge is the owner of the Zooniverse, as well as being an admired adventurer. The Mighty Boosh (2004) - S02E05 Old Gregg - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. You dont know me. He originally appeared in the pilot and several episodes of the first series of the TV show, and in the 2006 stage show, The Mighty Boosh. Thats Ol Greggs Vagina! The Moon always appears to be simple-mindedly cheerful and tells anecdotes which act as bookends between sketches. That you take my sweet hand in marriage When facing death, the two will often reminisce about very mundane things - "like that one time they ate soup". COMMENTS. [19] His latest appearance was in the 2007 episode "Party" where he and Saboo DJ'd at Howard's birthday party.[3]. Booshette 55,586 views. In the episode "Killeroo", Howard possesses an unseen disfigurement on his torso. [8] Bob Fossil is deeply in love with Bainbridge, which often results in Bainbridge beating him up. Old Gregg is a hermaphrodite, scaly man fish with a light underneath his pink too too. He appears in three separate forms over the course of the series. They appear in the "Tundra" storyline and the third series episode "Party". In The Mighty Book of Boosh, it is stated The Hitcher trained a man called Ian in the ways of a Cockney. Old Gregg on Omegle?! Mick Jagger is Vince's hero. He was originally created for a 2005 episode of the second series of The Mighty Boosh, "Nanageddon", and later returned for three episodes of the third series. No Archive Warnings Apply; Old Gregg/Original Male Character; Old Gregg; Young Gregg; Original Male … Im old Gregg 4. hmmmm... Hi there. I got something to show you Im old Gregg 4 This plot was the template for a 2001 radio episode and a 2004 television episode, both titled "Hitcher". [3] He is close to Kirk but dislikes Tony Harrison, whom he has attempted to kill, and Naboo, whose propensity for getting in trouble with the Board of Shaman often results in Saboo attempting to make an example of him. This system was influenced by the handwriting shapes that Gabelsberger had introduced. Howard's exact age is uncertain. John Gregg (1957 – 1 February 2003) was a senior member of the UDA/UFF loyalist paramilitary organisation in Northern Ireland.In 1984, Gregg seriously wounded Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams in an assassination attempt. Do you love me? When he discovered he was dying of a "strange swamp fever" he decided to make one final record called Voodoo Scat and mixed it with a drop of his own blood.[2]. Ill get you another Baileys Im old Gregg 3. Report. The Moon is portrayed by Noel Fielding with his face covered in shaving foam. In the third series, Vince and Howard were working in the Nabootique, a small second-hand shop owned by Naboo. Do you love me? You know what that is? Wichita State and coach Gregg Marshall are expected to part ways this week after the school launched an investigation into his conduct following disturbing allegations from several of his former players, according to Stadium’s Jeff Goodman. [2] Vince is also a keen artist having gained a BTEC National Diploma in Art,[1] as well as hair design;[12] he also claims to be a novelist, writing novellas and publishing them independently. Answer Save. Tommy Nookah was originally portrayed by Richard Ayoade. 21:43 . The series 1 episode "Electro" is the first appearance of Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson. All unverified accounts are deleted within 72 hours. The Hitcher's first appearance was in Autoboosh, where he encounters Howard and Vince, trapping them in a box and then rapping about it. Favourite Add to Old Gregg Mighty Boosh Mug - Noel Fielding - Julian Barratt - Doodle Beans DoodleBeansShop. Thats Ol Greggs ******. Old Gregg. One of the Parka people appears in the stage show, played by Noel Fielding. However, in "Eels" he reveals that Elsie, proprietor of the Pie and Mash Shop, gave him free eels "on account of [him] being an orphan n' that" (Eels). He is evil, threatening to kill Howard and Vince whenever he meets them, and killing the whole cast in the stage show. ---- Please select a track ---- What may be certain is that he might possess strange seaweed-like hair, webbed fingers and green/scaly skin. For minor and non-recurring characters see List of minor characters from The Mighty Boosh. He is also referred to briefly in episode 1 of season 1 Killeroo when Vince states that Leroy had told him earlier he saw Howard dancing for Fossil in the moonlight in "little blue pants" and is later referenced in "The Ape of Death" talking to Vince on a cellphone when Howard is "haunting" him. [12] Tony's catchphrase, "This is an outrage!" He was originally created for the 2005 TV episode "Nanageddon", and later appeared in three episodes of the third TV series in 2007. Emtavr. He was originally created for Fielding's 2002 stand-up show Voodoo Hedgehog at the Edinburgh Festival. tiff. [20] In the episode "Fountain of Youth" Bollo reveals that Naboo is 406 years old. You must love me exactly as I love you I got an A+ He is based on old Gregg from the Mighty Boosh. The Parka People guard the Egg of Mantumbi. Old Gregg Part 1 Durée 3:23 La taille 4.97 MB / Télécharger ici. Aug 30, 2014 - Explore Amanda Mainart's board "I'm old Greg!!!" He inspires Howard and Vince to travel to the Arctic Tundra and find the Egg of Mantumbi, which Bainbridge later finds himself, escaping the Black Frost by using the heat stored in his own moustache. [2], Lester first appeared in the 2007 episode, "Journey to the Centre of Punk" in which he accompanies Howard on his microscopic journey inside Vince to eliminate the jazz virus he has ingested. Okay. Im old Gregg 3 Dixon Bainbridge was portrayed by Richard Ayoade in the pilot episode, and by Matt Berry throughout the first series. Tell me how it works? Watch Old Gregg - Don Henderlite Jr on Dailymotion. Tayler Baker. Sound effects from the s... Ol Greggs gonna pick himself out a nice wedding dress. Dennis is the head of the Board of Shaman. 5 Tracks 338679 Views. Tommy considers himself King of the Rockers, and flies into a rage when confronted by mods. I've got so much to give." [29] A deleted scene from "The Legend of Old Gregg" documents many rumours about Old Gregg - which number 29, the "same number of sailors in Nantucket" - including his cannibalistic nature, and his age at over 1,200 years old. Whenever Howard is near to death, he pleads not to die, saying, "Don't kill me. Kathleen Sullivan. No, no you dont understand. [22] He is said to have helped Howard edit the show's script in the series 1 episode "Tundra", cutting out the scene where Vince has the legs of a ram. Could you learn to love me? He appeared in several episodes of the third series of the TV show. "The crunch", in this sense, is a high pressure moment, which is a common usage of the term in UK English. This property is currently available for sale and was listed by Pee Dee Realtor Association on Dec 22, 2020. Howard later obtains the voodoo scat record that Howlin' Jimmy made and Vince eats a piece of it which causes one of Howlin' Jimmy's blood cells (referred to as the jazz cell) to try and take over Vince's body. He appeared in the radio episode "Jungle" and later in revised form during the first series of the TV show, where he was played by Rich Fulcher rather than Ayoade. Old Greg mp3 Duration 6:47 Size 15.53 MB / bViralProductions 2. I attempted to recreate the webbed fingers with some little finger fins meant for swimmers I found online, but after spray painting them the paint just started cracking all over the place and was a big mess. I got a mangina! Leroy is a recurring character who only appears on screen once in the television series when Vince creates a band which was a glam rock/folk fusion in episode 7 of series 1, "Electro".