The Doctor of Theology provides men and women with the opportunity to pursue advanced study in a theological discipline by research in a theological discipline at the highest level. Theologians research, analyze and discuss spiritual, philosophical and historical texts. Doctor of Sacred Music (D.S.M.) It is designed to equip candidates as beginning researchers in the traditional fields of theology. Theology doctoral programs vary in length, but most students graduate in 2-7 years. It is designed for those who seek to further their study in the field of theology for academic, vocational, professional and/or personal reasons. Students are introduced to the conduct and reporting of scholarly theological research. The purpose of the Doctor of Theology is to qualify individuals who apply a substantial body of knowledge to research, investigate and develop new knowledge, in one or more areas of investigation, scholarship or professional practice. OTBB8865 Daniel; THEO8100 Old Testament Theology; NTBB8101 Matthew—Pt I; NTBB8102 Matthew—Pt II program. In this doctoral degree you will delve into intriguing courses in apologetics like … Program Standouts: The Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics program offered by Liberty University is one of the nation’s most flexible and convenient programs to pursue the highest form of educational expertise for Christian ministry studies. The Doctor of Theology degree brings to completion in a doctoral program the studies initiated in the Bachelor of Theology. Doctor of Theology Program Key The ThD program is a 48 credit hour dissertation-only degree program. To be eligible for admission an applicant must satisfy the Research Committee that he or she has completed one of the following awards at the University of Divinity to the specified standard, or an equivalent award in divinity at another higher education provider recognised by the Academic Board to an equivalent standard: a)   a Masters by research with a 75% average, or where a mark is not available, examiners’ reports which indicate to the satisfaction of the Research Committee that the candidate is adequately prepared for doctoral research; or, b)   a Masters by coursework with a 75% average; or, c)    a Graduate Diploma with a 75% average; or. THD890 INTRODUCTION TO THEOLOGICAL RESEARCH (6) This course will provide students with the tools for doctoral level research and opportunities for reflection on becoming scholar-pastor. The Doctor of Theology (AQF level 10 Doctoral Research) course has been designed for research to be undertaken in a field of specialisation within traditional theological disciplines (i.e., in the Department of Bible and Language, Department of Christian Thought, or Department of Ministry and Practice). Common requirements include a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Doctor of the Master in Theology (Th.M) program is to provide the candidate with an advanced competencies and biblical insights through the teaching, preparation and observation for those actively involved in vocational Christian ministry of education. The Doctor of Theology is a higher degree by research. The Doctor of Ministry is a unique seminary degree designed for the enhancement of spiritual leadership in a specific ministry context. Certain universities have begun offering it as a form of practical doctorate, focused on practices and assessed at the same level as the Ph.D.[7][8] To offer a doctorate that helping distinguishes the more practical nature of the degree, some British universities have adopted the term Doctor of Practical Theology. The Doctor of Theology (D.Th.) This is accomplished through biblical, theological, spiritual life and ministry skill courses. It allows candidates with non-theological academic backgrounds to pursue research in their primary field while integrating it with Christian theological perspectives. Both are research-oriented degrees, with the ThD being focused on the theological disciplines (although some ThD programs, like some PhD programs, direct research toward practice). Website The Th.D. Doctor of Theology . Note, if you are considering pursuing a PhD in Religious Studies online, Trinity Seminary doesn’t offer that specific degree but we recommend the PhD in Biblical Studies described below. Publications 5. In the academic study of theology, which is deeply rooted in the Christian religion, doctoral students are often conferred a Doctor of Theology, a Doctor of Philosophy, a Doctor of Ministry, a Doctor of Practical Theology or Doctor of Sacred Theology. Doctor of Theology Program Key The ThD program is a 48 credit hour dissertation-only degree program. Completing this track will lead to a Master of Theology Degree. Doctor of Theology (30) × DIPLOMA PROGRAMS The Diploma Programs is based on the principle that all Christians will benefit from advanced ministry training. Course listings for the Doctor of Theology (Pastoral Theology) program. d)   a four year undergraduate degree with Honours with a 75% average. Deluxe Doctoral of Theology Academic for faculty and PhD. We are therefore committed to doing everything we can to support our students to a successful completion of their program.