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The Freedom Equation

Money x Time x Identity

If any one goes to zero, so goes our freedom


Nobody has a money problem.  Money is the result of how we think and what we do, not the cause of our worries.  It’s just that most of us were brought up to hate money.   Not to directly hate it, but when we see our parents fight over it, people do very bad things to get some of it, and our lack of understanding of it, is it any wonder why we so easily repel it?  Imagine money wants the same respect, appreciation, and love that we want for ourselves.  So when we believe that it isn’t important, can’t make you happy, and is the root of all evil, then we really don’t stand a chance.


Time is life.   We get neither back once spent and nobody, no matter how wealthy, can buy more.  So with this in mind, what are we saying when we are wasting or killing time?  If we sound it out using the real word, aren’t we wasting and killing our life?  If time is like any other currency, we can spend it or invest it.  The difference is in the former, we may not get anything of value back – just like we spend money on things we don’t need.  But in the latter, we can get much more in return than we put in.  Now imagine maxing it out and riding your life off the rails.


Identity is our self-worth.  It’s how we see ourselves when we peer into our mental mirror.  If we always get in life what we feel we deserve, then our outside world is a direct consequence and reflection of our inside world.  More importantly, we must become the person worthy of the money and time we have, otherwise we won’t have either for very long.  While short-term results may trick us into success, we simply cannot keep that which we haven’t earned, at least not long-term.  Raising the bar on our beliefs, identity, and expectations is the key to becoming the best version of ourselves (us 10.0) and therefore maximize our results in life.

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

The Simplicity of Money

Money Myths

Money is the root of all evil

Read it again:  Timothy 6:10.  Money is neither evil nor good but rather a tool of good and evil people.  Try building a children’s hospital without it.

Money isn't everything

Of course it’s not.  But neither is oxygen.  Though without either one, you’re dead.  So how is this helping you again?

Money can't make you happy

You’re right, but neither can poverty.  So if you’re going to be happy anyways, do you wish to be happy with money or without?

Money isn't important

Really?  Then why do you spend 2000 hours+ per year away from your family and passions to make some?  If you believe this, try giving some away.

Rich people are mean

Some are mean, some are really nice, just like there are nice poor folks, and some really mean poor folks.  It’s not about the money.

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” 

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)


Trust Me

Who comes to mind when you hear, “Give me all your money and everything will be okay” ?   If you said a robber at gunpoint or a financial advisor, you’re spot on. This minor unfunny joke aside, it does beg the question about how responsible we are about our own money,...

Journey of the Broke

Another day, another dollar.  Fighting the good fight. That’s the mantra of the many in the workforce.  There’s nothing wrong with hard work and everything right with it. The challenge is getting something worthwhile in return.  We’re told that the secret to success...

The Lonely Only

I’m a big boy now.  We are so proud when we can do things for ourselves.  It’s almost the main focus of growing up and becoming an adult.  While doing things for ourselves is great, we sometimes confuse it with doing things by ourselves.  What if it’s this solo...


“There’s no such thing as a snozzberry.”   “We are the music makers.  The dreamers of dreams.” Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was quite the eccentric and psychedelic movie of the 1970s. It had action and suspense, a bit of drama, and lots of comedy.  It also...

Up In Smoke

Imagine that you’re invited to play a game.  Well, let’s say it’s a game but there’s no way to win.  You can only lose with the options being simply how you will lose.  Are you in? What if the wager were your life?  Like a cruel bet against the unbeatable laws of...

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