Escaping The Rat Race

Joint Venture Partner Interest Form

We are looking for a handful of select Joint Venture Partners to help support getting the word out about our upcoming events.

The goal is to help your community become the people ready for success (and of course, ready for your services as a coach, product provider, or enabler of success.)

The outcome of the program is someone who has clarity of vision, an escape plan from their rat race, and hungry for guidance in the specific area in which they will monetize their passion.

  • Help them dis-cover why they exist.
  • Learn how to monetize their passions.
  • Build mental toughness
  • Become the person worthy of success.
  • Escape the endless, pointless, self-defeating cycle of the rat race.
  • Increase your trust as a source and authority
  • Earn Additional Income ($300/referred client)
  • Create more clients ready to pay you what you're worth.
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