The 3 Killer Mistakes We Make Every Year That Keep Us From Crushing Our Goals

(and how to still make 2020 your best year ever)

What if New Year’s is NOT January 1st?

Are you sick and tired of another year passing you by with nothing significant to show for it?

Do you wish you could be more productive and less busy so that you could finally move forward in life and make the struggle all worth it?

What if you could have a real 2020, and not just a 2019 part 2 with the same income, same drama, same stress and same results?

✰ 75% of us give up on our January 1st goals by January 31

✰ 92% will give up before year’s end.

If this feels familiar, then this FREE webinar is for you.

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why we give up on our goals so quickly, leaving us scattered and unhappy the rest of the year.
  • How to create clarity and focus in every aspect of life so that we can turn busy time into productive time.
  • How to become excited again when to get out of bed each morning, like we were growing up when the world was still our oyster.
  • The three critical aspects of getting from where we are today to where we wish to be tomorrow so that we engage with our goals with the confidence and conviction required for success.
  • The mindset of high-achievers and how to instill the seeds of greatness into your own mind and life.


And get access to the recording after as well as a FREE E-Book!

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Hosted by Josh Zepess

Freedom Fighter and Creator of Broke Is No Joke

Josh Zepess is a corporate America escapee who, after a 20-year successful career as a semiconductor engineer and manager, decided that his path in life could not be contained within the walls of the cubicle.

After years of building independent and franchise businesses, he found his passion in helping others become the person worthy of success through escaping the endless, pointless, self-defeating cycle of their personal rat race.

Josh founded Broke Is No Joke as a platform and movement for True Freedom. As an author, speaker, poet, and comedian, he shares his talent for exposing the truth that we’re not supposed to know under the belief that the truth will indeed set us free.

Happy New Years

What if New Year’s had nothing to do with January 1? Imagine that every day is a chance for a New Year. You don’t like where things were last month, last week, or even this morning? Happy New Year! Let’s go already. It’s not too late, but one day it will be. If you’re with me and committed, that day will NOT be today.


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