An Open Letter To White People

Dear White People, What the heck is the matter with you? Stop apologizing for being white and privileged. How is that not as racist as categorically judging […]

Why I Don’t Block People On Social Media

  I was recently asked, “Why I don’t block people on social media?” I don’t block people for the same reason I don’t ignore a cancer. Any […]


Speaking of Success: When to open your mouth and when to shut the F* up

Watch YouTube Video Here The mouth is a powerful tool.  It can speak things into existence, and it can also chop us off at the knees.    […]

Lessons Learned: 5 tips I would give my younger self about success

What if it wasn’t too late, you weren’t too tired, and it wasn’t impossible? Don’t waste the lessons of a life survived by not using them to […]

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