What if we were born to win but trained to lose?

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What if we’re born with the mindset to succeed?  That we must disobey this gift in order to live anything less than our fullest potential?  How would that change our view of parenting?

There’s no question that we love our kids.  That’s what makes it ironic that in our attempt to help them, we may be unwittingly training them to fail in life.  And if you think this is only about our kids, didn’t our parents have similar hopes and dreams for us? What happened?

At the end of the day, perhaps our kids should be raising us.  It’s their childish ways that we need to remember, for it’s these principles that can save us from a life of struggle and misery.  What if we can re-raise the kid inside of us?

Become childish again.  What do kids have that we’ve lost as adults?  Find out here and put together a plan to rekindle all the success we lost along the way.

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