Why I Don’t Block People On Social Media

Written by on June 10, 2020


I was recently asked, “Why I don’t block people on social media?”

I don’t block people for the same reason I don’t ignore a cancer. Any cancer is of the utmost importance and urgency. It cannot be ignored or wished away. If we choose to downplay it and it’s left untreated, it will sicken us to the point where it becomes the most important thing in our lives.

Whether or not it’s my cancer is irrelevant. It is somebody’s cancer and they may not even know they have it. This type of cancer is more contagious than others as it can be transferred mentally, lay dormant for years, and even normalize itself into the routine life. Thinking that it’s not mine is but a temporary delusion.

The cure for this type of cancer is awareness and exposure.  Awareness of other point of views (for both me and others) and understanding what is out there.  Even the most egregious people and concepts should be known.  For how can we affect change on something we don’t know exists?  Exposure is another tool that allows someone’s true colors to be on display.  People tend to be more honest the more they are allowed to speak.


Stage 1 | Self-awareness

First and foremost, we have the self-awareness of the carrier. Listening to their own thought turned into words may be sufficient to trigger that bad feeling in the pit of their stomach.  It’s when they know they know something is not right and there’s still a chance to fix it.   It may be self-medicated with silence and reflection or it may be ignored and dismissed.


Stage 2 | Other’s awareness

The next stage of awareness would be from the trusted judgement of a loved one. A friendly question or an expression of disappointment that rattles their cage a bit and provokes them to reassess their position.  This is not carte blanche to allow others to dictate your life, rather an opportunity to think first.  This stage also allows those in close contact the choice to don appropriate protection and reduce exposure to this individual.  It’s known in social media circles as unfriending.


Stage 3 | The Wake-Up Call

The final stage of awareness is the wake-up call. As with any false ideology based on hate, anger, greed, bigotry, and their derivatives, the reality that love is the only true thing in existence will annihilate all negative concepts in the long-term. This wake-up call may manifest itself in career, family, finances, health, or life overall, but make no mistake, it will, at no predetermined time, resolve any cognitive dissonance of the carrier of hate.


Stage 4 | The Limit

It is worth noting that my tolerance is not absolute. There may come a caustic advanced stage where a cancer must simply be amputated. Where civil discourse and comprehensible grammar have devolved into the profane for its own sake and the insecure cries of violent hate. There is a line, that when crossed, where I will do the honor of pulling their asshole out through their throat with my bare hands…so to speak, of course, and then block them.


No Offense

I haven’t been offended or angry at another person in years. I also don’t mind taking the blame, for everything. I’m always happy to allow people to take their best shots at me.  I can handle them.  They should be careful taking shots at others without cause – if they want their assholes intact.

If my wide tolerance is the platform needed to create awareness and expose all of the good, bad, and ugly of our beautiful world, so be it.  For those that don’t have such tolerance, there is no shame or blame in blocking, unfriending, or deleting posts and people from their lives.  To each their own and to share it all.



“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
Bruce Lee


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