A Zodiac Thriller

Written by on July 23, 2018

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What does the future hold?  Who knows, but if you can’t wait or want some guidance on how to prepare, there’s always your zodiac sign.  Astrology has an answer for you, but whether or not it’s the right answer is up to you. While many are still skeptical, could we take the good and leave the bad?  Are there clues hidden within that we can apply to success in our own lives? Not sure, but we’ll have some fun anyways.

The Dirt:  Sometimes, it’s just fate.

According to the National Science Foundation, 58% of millenials believe that astrology is scientific.  They also found ,in general, that skepticism in astrology is decreasing. This at a time when we’re not often making decision so much as following others (not just a social media term).  

At the end of the day, most people need to be told what to do.  We don’t want or feel we can’t handle the responsibility of choosing.  So we look for hope instead of creating good in our life. We look for a good twist in fate instead of creating our own fate.  Luckily, we have a vehicle for just that. It’s called the horoscope and it’s becoming more popular than ever. What would a horoscope look like if it told you what you really needed to hear?  Let’s see.



You are known for being responsible and disciplined but also know-it-all and unforgiving .  

You take responsibility for things around you.  You don’t lay blame. Because you take responsibility, you have the ability to make change in your life.  This is something that most people struggle to do, so don’t waste it. Your self-discipline gives you a level of self-control that helps that can keep you on track if you use it.  You are able to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. You are the opposite of a victim and simply don’t need to play that game.

However…you can be an ass.  You think you know it all and expect everyone else to be as competent and knowledgeable as you.  The problem is that when you believe you know it all, you’re not open to learning. This keeps you stagnant when reality eventually strikes.  Your arrogance is a turn off when it comes to building relationships and people don’t think you care. You might want to show them otherwise, else you’ll end up with a litany of superficial relationships.



You are known for being progressive, original, independent, but also temperamental and uncompromising.

You are a creative person on the forefront, pushing ahead in to new realms.  You can be an amazing entrepreneur if you can find a good cause to fight for and learn how to market it.  You do have an introverted side that if used properly, helps you become a good thinker and a good listener.  This can help you build rapport faster. Your love of helping others can build amazing goodwill and in the right business model, can make you very wealthy.

However…you don’t trust easily and often have your guard up too high.  You may come off a little insensitive at times, but if you can control your emotions, you would welcome most people and perhaps find that there are more benefits than drawbacks to giving others a chance.  Focus on the promises kept and not the promises broken in order to succeed in business and life.



You are known for being passionate, artistic, and gentle, but also fearful and sad.

You are very selfless, which can be an amazing trait if it’s maximized after you’ve taken care of yourself a bit.  It’s hard to help others when you’re not stable. You have an intuitive approach that you can use to really connect deeply with others, eliciting a high degree of trust.  If your artistic abilities are honed, you can create masterpieces that could be shared with the world.

However…your selflessness can sometimes turn into martyrdom.  If you play the victim, you’ll get a lot of attention but will forfeit any chance to solve the problem.  Perhaps you are afraid to take control of things, but playing the victim is a sure way to introduce all your other fears.  If you allow sadness to overcome you, it could put you into a self-defeating attitude, so cheer up, reality isn’t as bad as it seems.



You are known for being courageous, determined, and optimistic, but also impatient and impulsive.

You are a competitor, always looking to be first in everything.  As we know that competition drives performance, you have the chance to constantly get better and achieve great success quickly.  You don’t mind taking risks and while most of your risk taking may not pan out, the one or two things that do will bring many rewards.  You have it in you to work tirelessly to get the job done.

However…your push to always win, left unchecked, can have you forging ahead without thinking first.  Planning may seem like a waste of time, but just a slight amount can add mountains of efficiency and help you win even faster.  Of course, you will lead head first with or without planning, but you may want to consider putting a planner and scheduler around you to help with the details.  Sometimes, the details do matter.



You are known for being practical, reliable, and patient, but also stubborn and conservative.

You are very practical and well-grounded.  You have the ability to be very committed to a goal and see it through.  When most others quit, you have what it takes to reach the finish line no matter how much effort is required.  You build long-term relationships with people and when you do make a friend, it’s a friend for life. This can help with stability at home and allow for a stronger focus on business and life success.

However…you have a strong sense of loyalty which in many things would be an asset, until applied to your employer.  Prudence is required here such that your loyalty to your company doesn’t overly exceed their loyalty to you, else there may be a big life shock coming soon.  You conservative trait, or your loyalty to the past, can also hold you back instead of allow you to move forward. Let it go and succeed.



You are known for being gentle, curious, and adaptable, but also nervous and indecisive.

You have a keen fascination with the world.  This curiosity will serve you well as it can drive you to ask many questions that others wouldn’t.  As a result, you will uncover new knowledge and great opportunities that others would miss. You have an open mind that allows for new information and if driven to fill it, you will never be without prospects for making money and having success.  

However…you are not very well grounded.  You jump around between various things, always looking for what’s new.  If left unconstrained, you will struggle to see success for you won’t be able to put the sufficient amount of time and energy into any one endeavor.  Slowing down, focusing on a few important things, and then diving deep into acquiring the knowledge and skills required will take you very far.



You are known for being tenacious, loyal, and sympathetic, but also pessimistic and insecure.

You are very emotional and sensitive, creating very strong bonds with people you know.  This level of trust can build mountains with a core team of good people. You also fiercely defend others you care about, building a strong loyalty from them which can come in handy when you need help.  You generally have a happy demeanor and if converted to a positive attitude, can manifest itself in good things.

However…as you are quick to help others, you are quick to avoid conflict.  If not careful, you may internalize issues that can create a sense of pessimism.  You don’t take criticism too well which can make it difficult to improve in the most needed of areas.  Making more space for others into your circle, allowing yourself to be a bit more vulnerable, and keeping your head up about it at all times can lead to greater success than you would expect.



You are known for being creative, passionate, and generous, but also arrogant and stubborn.

You are a natural born leader.  You confidence in your ability is very attractive if not taken too far.  You tend to pair your confidence with humor, making you both likeable and ultimately trustworthy.  You may also attract a lot of followers. If you use your creativity and confidence to solve problems, you could have the world at your fingertips.  

However…you have quite the ego.  You confidence, left unchecked, can spill over into arrogance and end up having the opposite effect of what you’d desire.  You must resist the impulse to get ahead at any cost, for you will leave bodies of good people strewn across the road behind you.  Take care of others and allow them to keep your ego in check.



You are known for being loyal, analytical, and kind, but also shy and critical.

You pay very close attention to details.  This is great when building a business or organizing a strategy.  Your methodology is one of practicality and order. First things always come first and as long as you eventually get to the second thing, it can be very rewarding.  Your kind way, as long as everything is in its place, is beneficial to working with others.

However…you don’t trust yourself or others very much.  You can be over-critical of any idea that might represent something new or wonderful.  This can hold you back from creating things of value. If you do try to create, you might get stuck in the details and never take action.  Opening yourself up to a few chances that might be slightly chaotic at first can help bring a new level of order and success to your life.



You are known for being cooperative, diplomatic, and gracious, but also indecisive and avoiding confrontation.

You are a magician with people.  You have the knack to get along well with anyone, even to the point or agreeing with things you don’t necessarily believe in.  You search for justice and equality, which if put into action, can be used as a rallying cry for large-scale change. You are always a welcome addition to a team and often need strong leadership around you to win.

However…you dislike any confrontation.  You may choose to go along with a bad idea than to speak up and challenge it.  This may lead you into bad business situations or putting a job at risk. If you can remember to have and speak your own opinion, you may be surprised at how well it would be received by others and valued in the marketplace.  



You are known for being resourceful, brave, and passionate, but also distrusting and jealous.

You are passionate about experiences.  You enjoy the journey even more than the results, which can be likened to the definition of happiness:  Doing what you love. You have a great demeanor, always calm, cool, and collected. This can be a huge benefit during times of crises either personally or in business.  Being able to wade through turbulent waters is a skill few people can claim.

However…you are the jealous type.  You are suspicious of many things and people around you.  You are often trying to read innuendo into what people say and what they do, looking for the angle.  Sometimes, it’s just their personality, but be careful not to create what isn’t there. Extending a modicum of trust to others may help alleviate any insecurities and allow success to flourish.



You are known for being generous, idealistic, great sense of humor, but also overpromising and impatient.

You are a philosopher, searching for meaning in life and business.  This can be a great trait in that you are always thinking of new ways to express yourself.  Being extroverted and optimistic, you can build amazing relationships with others and form teams of strong people for a larger purpose.  You have the vision to be and do great things in life.

However…you are brutally honest.  While this is sometimes necessary, you often lack and tact in the delivery.  You may come across a little eager in your commitments and if not kept in check may even seem a bit arrogant.  You have little patience to wait on others. Having a bit more understanding of others and their issues can help you give them a break which can bring out their best…eventually.


And that’s that.  I hope you found something useful or at least entertaining.  I challenge you to share it with anyone who still reads the National Enquirer.  It just might make them laugh (or cry). I do appreciate each of you. Prophesize with you at the top because the bottom’s much too crowded.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

 Abraham Lincoln


Josh Zepess



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