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Written by on July 9, 2018

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When was the last time you said something nice to someone else?  How about a complimenting a stranger? It’s becoming a lost art in society to genuinely say something nice.  In a world of negativity, fake news, faker leadership, and high stress, is it any wonder why we can’t seem to share the positive?  Then again, if we can’t see the positive, what’s there to share?

The Dirt:  Talk is cheap

They say to be the change you want to see in the world.  If you want to see more happiness, start being more happy.  If you want to see more generosity, start being more generous.  If we want to see more positivity, how do we start being more positive?  How do we compliment ourselves? Seeing anything positive takes intention.  We already know that we’ll always get more of what we focus on.

Did you know our words have power?  Even our thoughts are little balls of energy floating around in our minds.  But when we further energize our thoughts by speaking them out loud, we now amplify them to the world.  Each word may not seem like much, but consider how things compound over time. A dollar isn’t much money until you compound it,  doubling each year for 20 years, becoming $1 million. A swipe of an axe at a mighty oak tree may seem trivial. Yet how many swipes until the tree does eventually tumble?  

Take our words.  Our little balls of energy that we release through our mouth for all to hear.  What are we saying? Are we building something amazing or are we filling a toxic waste dump?  Are we building ourselves and others or are we the hurricane that blows everything down? More importantly , what are we hearing?  Our entire lives are spent listening to others and their views on the world. From an early age, we are sponges that absorb this information, good or bad.  We hear more about limitations and rules than creating the impossible, about playing safe than thinking big, and about fitting in rather than being out-standing.

What if our number one source of information as adults is from ourselves?  Imagine taking our lackluster training as kids and repeating it to ourselves every day, reminding ourselves of why we can’t, shouldn’t, and aren’t worthy of it.  Remember, we hear every thought in our heads and every word that comes out of our mouths. We can be our own cheerleader or our own worst enemy. Which will it be?


I’m the last person that will advise anyone to say a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  It does beg the question though that if we’re going to talk to ourselves anyways, what if we were to say a few nice things?  Maybe dare drop a compliment or two? Who knows, perhaps over time, we can compound our energy in a more productive way. Would that really be so bad?  Imagine waking up each morning and spewing the following few sentences. In fact, try it now and take account of how you feel afterwards. Like most things in life, it’s only weird the first time.


Watch out world, here I come.

Wow, what a great day to be alive.  I feel dynamite. I am going to have a super fantastic day today because I’m too blessed to be stressed, I am too glad to be sad, I am too anointed to be disappointed and I am too elated to be agitated.

Circumstances are aligning themselves in my favor. I am healthy and wealthy, physically fit and intellectually equipped. I’m better today than I was yesterday but I’ll be better tomorrow than I was today.

I am an extraordinary person with incredible abilities that I will use to save lives.  Because I know that as I help others reach their dreams, I will automatically reach my own.

I will show compassion to those in need, I will give strength to the weak, and inspiration to the weary. Someone needs what I have to offer and I gladly make myself available.

I anticipate meeting the person or group of people who are willing to use their power, their wealth, and influence to help me achieve my dreams.  All day long, people will go out of their way to bless me.

I embrace abundance and it embraces me.  I am an abundance magnet. I give money a great home and it provides me a great life. Money is just a tool and I ain’t no fool.  

I am experiencing great victories, supernatural turnarounds, and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities. I am an overcomer!  If my mountain can’t be removed, I will develop and master my mountain climbing skills.

I may experience a setback but setbacks are only setups for comebacks. Every adversity has a benefit greater to or equal to the adversity if I look for it. And if life knocks me down, I will fall on my back realizing that as long as I can look up, I can get up!  

I commit to paying for my dreams with preparation and perspiration so that I won’t have to live with my nightmares of desperation.  I do not procrastinate, because procrastination leads to devastation. It is the assassination of my destination. Thus I will act now!

I am a doer and a finisher, I get results that last.  I now release the champion that is inside of me. I am the leader of leaders. I choose success today and every day hereafter because the rest of my life will be the best of my life.

Watch out world, here I come.

I dare you to say this for 30 days straight without fail first thing in the morning.  I predict one of two things will have to happen (based on universal laws). Either you will start to believe this stuff, leading to a more positive attitude, better behavior, and ultimately improved results OR you’ll stop saying it altogether.  The good news is that you can’t do both, so if you have the self-discipline to say it rain or shine, then get ready for the next level of prosperity.  Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing but don’t be surprised, disappointed, or depressed that you keep getting what you’re getting.

And if you convince yourself that it doesn’t “work”, are you really any worse off?  At least you were part of the minority that received a compliment today. I further challenge you to share this with 17 people who can’t stop vomiting negativity.  It just might save their lives. I appreciate each of you. Talk to you at the top ‘cause the bottom’s way too crowded.


“Raise your words, not your voice.  It’s rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”



Josh Zepess




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