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Written by on January 29, 2018

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Welcome to the Monday Mindwash. We’re here to cleanse our dirty minds, get some of the dirt out. This weekly blog will challenge your mind, body, and especially those beliefs you store within. Well, you don’t actually think they’re your beliefs, do you?

Last episode we discussed the power of belief and how it creates our world. We saw that seeing isn’t believing, rather we found the reverse to be true:  That which we believe we can achieve.  In fact, we went so far as to show that everything we create must come from our thoughts, for nothing simply just pops into existence.  This episode, let’s explore our vision.  What if this were the most important of all our senses for determining our future?

The dirt:  Open your eyes.

Eyesight is something I am grateful for every day.  It provides wonderful detail, color, definition, and clarity to the world around me.  I’m sure you would agree that eyesight is quite a blessing for not everyone has it.  As with any technology (natural in this case), it can beautify our lives in some ways, yet hinder our lives in other ways.

What if our singular focus on eyesight is trapping us in the present, blinding us from the mindsight required to take us into the future?

It’s just that we were never told how useless our eyes would be without the vision of our minds.  Consider our original premise that if you can’t see it in the mind, you’ll never see it in your reality.  This isn’t to say you won’t see it in another’s reality though, but to expect it to be in your control and for your pleasure may be a bit delusional.

Interestingly, eyes are so important to us that we have created a $35 billion dollar industry to test, check, and fix those pupilated little balls on the front of our head.  You might even wear glasses to help you focus when you’re eyes are not up to the task by themselves.  When was the last time you had your other vision checked?  You know, the one in your mind?  What if you put the same care, concern, and effort into keeping that vision healthy?  

What do you suppose would happen if you could see the future as well as you can see the present?

Let us take a look at three principles we must obey in our eyesight and how we can obey them in our mindsight.  For if we continue to be blind in the head, we must resign all other senses to

Must have a clear vision

We spend thousands of dollars trying to achieve and maintain 20/20 vision (ironically, it’s not even the best vision possible — thank you Marketing.)  We all want our eyes to be capable of crystal clear, saturated color, ultra HD vision.  It’s not just to see, but it works in harmony with all other senses.  Imagine the sight of a rose.  Gorgeous for sure.  Now imagine the sight of a rose petal in your hand, the velvet feel, fragrant scent, with the sound of the afternoon breeze.  Different experience, isn’t it?

Our mindsight works in a similar manner.  We must have the same clarity of what we want for our future.  After all, if you don’t know where you’re going with intention and clarity, how are you going to get there?  If you want wealth for example, that’s great, but it’s not clear.  Wanting wealth is like wandering through a dense fog, hoping to bump into your riches, fumbling and fondling your way with a tangible fear usually reserved for highly insecure.  If your thoughts are going to manifest in reality, you probably want to extremely clear on what it is you so desire. **Hint:  Does anyone remember the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man?**

Instead of wanting wealth, what if you chose a specific amount, say $512,365, in your career this year?  You may not know how it will happen, but can you see it anyways, as if it happened already?  What would it feel like?  Take a stroll with me….

…You’re driving home. It’s 8:24pm, and you just finished a 92-minute negotiation at the luxury car store. You went in with a price in mind and left paying $43k less than expected.  The stain on the salesman’s tie and nervous fidgeting was a sure indication he wasn’t a closer.  Sure, he still made money, but you got a decent deal.  On the drive home, you take the highway and put the pedal down.  it’s amazingly quiet in the cabin except for the powerful hum of the v12.  You can feel the stitched italian leather hug you on all sides, a definite warmth emanating from the heaters in the seat as you grip the lacquered mahogany steering wheel. It’s December. You breathe deep and sigh. You still can’t get the digital imprint out of your mind- 512365.  $512,365.34 to be exact. The deal you closed yesterday helped, but the endless hours at the office, the focus and mental toughness, finally paid off. That number was still on your computer screen when you left, under the heading of Income 2018.  There it was…your name…income…your name….$512,365.  

An immense satisfaction falls over you as you suddenly come back to the present when you see your exit off the highway.. The new car smell becomes stronger for some reason.  Some DJ on the radio yacks on about four days to Christmas… Mall hours…  You turn down your street, and your mouth becomes dry and your pulse quickens.  Why are you nervous? You try to take a deep breath, but the anticipation of your honey’s face when they see their new car overwhelms you.  It’s not just a car, it’s a win…a goal achieved.  Your neighbor scoffed when you mentioned it at the barbecue last spring.  It didn’t bother you too much since he works at another man’s pleasure – an employee for a local hardware store.  Still, proving him wrong just feels so damn good.

It was a sacrifice for all involved and the emotional drain of the past year is now welling up and filling your system faster than you can handle it.  The headlights veer onto the concrete, 21-ft driveway, illuminating the off-colored garage door that you’ve been meaning to paint.  You open the door and the brisk air hits your eyes first,  nostrils second, then fills your lungs with an icy chill.  As you get out of the car, you clumsily drop the keys.  You pick them up and polish the Double-R, hoping you didn’t scratch the moniker already. The front porch light comes on, and someone just opened the door….

Could you feel it?  Were you there already?  This, my friends, is clarity.  The words above cannot do this concept justice, rather your own personal mental experience will take you far beyond sight into touch, taste, feel, sound, and all the emotions contained within.  

Must open your mind

Just as we must open our eyes in order to enjoy our perfect vision, so must we open our minds to take advantage of our vision for the future.  What’s the point in opening your eyes, if you don’t first open your mind?  

When was the last time you daydreamed?  Allowed your mind to see what’s in your heart?  Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to dream.  We were robbed of this talent as kids.  Time for a new lesson.  Ask yourself “What if?”  

What if I could be a gold-medal swimmer?  

What if I could double my income this year?  

What if I’m not too old?  

Start with that question and then follow it into the future and predict how it would affect you and your family.  I hope you’re starting to see.

This requires that we stop.  Just stop.  Even for a few minutes.  We’ve determined in previous episodes that you’re not too busy for what’s important.  Too busy is like zoning out and seeing without seeing.  Ever zone out while driving only to realize you’re 3 miles down a familiar road and you don’t remember how you got there?  Imagine taking time to stop and allow your mind to open without the constant bombardment of other thoughts, ideas, TV, social media, etc.  Some call it meditation, some call it daydreaming, you can call it a pink elephant so long as you dedicate time to seeing your future.

Must focus

Our minds are full of thoughts, constantly cluttering our thinking.  Some thoughts serve us, some don’t.  If we allow them all to run rampant, we’ll forever be in chaos and stress.  What if we can declutter our minds, like removing dirt and debris from your eye?  

If we can recognize all those old thoughts, beliefs, and limitations that constrain our everyday thinking, we can avoid and eventually rid ourselves of them.  We must not allow any limits into our daydream, else our future will end up like our present.  If that’s what you want, this whole exercise may be futile.  If you want bigger and better, we must acknowledge that anything is possible.

Therefore our mission is to find and focus on the good, the impossible, the grandiose, and the exciting in our minds.  Find those thoughts that serve us and are consistent with our vision.  Anything to the contrary, we must defocus and push it back into the fog, the haze where poor thoughts go to their demise.  Additionally, we can plant new thoughts in there that are guaranteed to serve us.  These are called affirmations and are the butt of many jokes (usually from broke, unhappy, insecure people – I know, i used to be one of them!)

Affirmations are simply telling ourselves what we wish to be true, whether or not it is currently true.  It ties into the subconscious mind, which is determined to prove us right no matter what we tell it.   Which statement would have a better chance of producing a great future?

Exhibit A:  “Sales is hard, people don’t want to buy anything, and I’m just not a good closer.”

Exhibit B:  “Sales is a piece of cake because most people need what I have to offer and are eager to purchase.  I am unstoppable and the top closer in my state.”

Look, it’s only weird in the beginning.  If you’re going to talk to yourself anyways, should you say things that may serve you or those things that for sure don’t serve you?  More on this in a future episode.  Hey, what do you have to lose, especially if you’re already losing?  I dare you to share this with three friends who you find say things that cannot share their life vision when you ask them.  It just might give them something for which to truly live.  I appreciate you for sharing time with me.

“I’m not much of a math and science guy.  I spent most of my time in school daydreaming and managed to turn it into a living.”  

— George Lucas

Meet you at the top (‘cause the bottom’s way too crowded)





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