Seeing isn’t Believing

Written by on January 22, 2018

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Welcome to the Monday Mindwash. We’re here to give our minds a little scrub, get some of the dirt out. These weekly episodes will challenge your mind, body, and especially those beliefs you store within. Well, you don’t actually think they’re your beliefs, do you?

This week I challenged one of our most common wisdoms. How is it that seeing is believing when we have so many examples to the contrary? Ever see a magician pull a rabbit out of an empty hat? Did that rabbit really just pop into existence? But that is what what you saw, isn’t it?

The Dirt: Seeing is Believing

It certainly feels right – after all, we’ve heard it so many times. What if we had it backwards? Imagine we can flip the lie over and come out with the truth. Consider that believing is seeing. It sounds crazy, but they say truth is stranger than fiction. Let’s explore this concept further. Then you can make up your own mind.

Since you are likely reading this on a computer, let me pose a question. How many times was your computer built? Not that model, rather that exact computer. If you said once, you’re in good company. Allow me to suggest it was built three times.

1st time. It was an idea in someone’s head. It was a vision of how a computer could and should look. It had to have been clear enough to be conceptualized,

2nd time. It was laid out on paper. Dimensions, materials, electricals, and all other specifications had to be drawn up. The concept had be built within real-word parameters.

3rd time. It had to be physically manufactured and shipped to the store where you bought it.

Surely, you don’t believe your computer simply popped into existence like the magician’s rabbit, do you? It all had to start in someone’s head. Do you realize what this means? Everything that we create must start as a thought. Imagine the power contained in this massive yet simple idea. What if most things in our lives, good or bad, came from us and just didn’t happen to us?

The seed of existence is in our minds long before the harvest is in our hands.

How can we apply this to what we want in life? Using our premise, if we can visualize what we want, there’s a chance we can obtain it. The more clear it is in our head, the better the chance we’ll realize it. If I were to ask you what is your vision for your life, could you answer it? Most people I ask give me a look like a deer in the headlights. Do you really want to stand around only to find out that there’s a two ton car behind those lights?

There are others that have a vague idea of what they want. You know, those cliches like “I just want to be happy”. The mind doesn’t work well on generalities though. Wanting to be “successful” or “rich” or “in shape” are fantastic pursuits, but what do they mean? Is success climbing a mountain or getting a promotion at work? Is rich having $1000 or $10 million? Is being in shape losing 20lbs or running a marathon? Imagine having a vision so clear that if we spoke it out loud, someone could paint it without any ambiguity. We’ll explore this next episode.

What we think about we bring about.

As a result of this amazing principle, we will always manifest that which is in our mind, good or bad. From a spiritual perspective, you may call this faith. Faith is what we see with our mind, not with our physical eyes. It is the bridge that connects what we have today with what we want for tomorrow. Isn’t interesting how when we want something bad enough, when we truly believe we can have it, that we end up getting it? It’s how we manifest everything from finding a parking space to recovering from an terminal illness.

Some call it a miracle, but couldn’t it be the power of intention and belief?

There is a principle called psychosomaticism that occurs when our mental factors have a strong influence on our physical symptoms. Many people believe they will catch the flu during flu season. Is the flu bug real? Of course. The question is how many folks have such a high expectation of getting sick that they put themselves in a position to catch the bug, even though it may be unintentional. Here we also find the basis for the famous placebo effect, where people rid themselves of health symptoms when given a treatment that they believe will work, even though the treatment is medically inert and not designed to treat their affliction.

By the way, this is not just some weird metaphysical magic. Beyond faith, there is even a science behind this concept. Consider the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. The conscious is where our logic lies, where we think and reason. It is our control center or the decider. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, does not think or reason by itself. It is the prover. It does not know truth from fiction, rather its goal is to prove us right in whatever we tell it. If your conscious thoughts are seeds, then the subconscious is the soil that will grow whatever seed you plant.

When we tell our subconscious (through conscious thought, words, and actions) that we cannot do something, our subconscious goes to work to make sure we’re right. The subconscious doesn’t like incongruence or conflict with the conscious. The more we believe something, the more seeds of this belief we can plant in our subconscious, the more we will see proof of our belief and NOT see anything that could disprove our belief.

Imagine believing something so intensely that we are bombarded by supporting evidence and completely blinded to anything on the contrary, without consciously knowing it.

Think of the last time you started a new hobby. Anything related to that hobby suddenly became important to you, right? Did you find that suddenly other people were also talking about and interested in that hobby? That there were more commercials on TV, billboards, radio ads, regarding that area of interest? Was it that everyone jumped on your bandwagon and started following the same hobby or did your subconscious start filtering into your mind those things congruent with your current thoughts and focus? Meanwhile, you still see no evidence of the 3000 other hobbies that exist around you – they’re just not on your radar yet!

While this sounds great, we must also consider the misuse of this principle with respect to our success and well-being. Remember our subconscious doesn’t’ know right from wrong. It only wants to do what you tell it. What happens when we expect defeat, failure, or misery? You guessed it, we filter in all those things that support being defeated, failing, and being miserable. When we believe we cannot be successful, wealthy, or happy, it’s only a matter of time before we’re right. Even the more innocuous ideas that may have been impressed upon us, such as “Rich people are bad” can have a devastating effect. After all, if we feel we are a good person and deep down we feel rich people are bad, then we force our subconscious to keep us good and poor or bad and rich. Do either of these sound all that appealing?

If we can’t control the soil, then let’s control the seeds. Three things to consider are your thoughts, words, and actions. What if each of these had a direct influence over your subconscious garden? If we consider thoughts as real things, then what we believe, how we think, and to whom we listen become very important. Thoughts are energized further through speech in the form of words. How much could we be influencing ourselves and others with the words we use? Lastly, actions are the ultimate manifestation of our thoughts and words, taking the proposed and converting it to the completed. We will explore these three areas in future episodes, so stay tuned.

Good news is that you’re now aware! As scary as it could be that we are the cause of most of what’s in our lives, understood and controlled, it could be our biggest blessing. If we can combine clarity of vision with good intention and beliefs that serve us, the world is our oyster. If we shrug this off like all the other opportunities we’ve been given, how can we ever expect to see our way to anything better?

I dare you to share this with three friends who you find say things that do not serve them in succeeding in life. It just might save theirs. I appreciate you for sharing your time.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” — Henry Ford

Meet you at the top (‘cause the bottom’s way too crowded)



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