What’s the best way to find a mentor?

Written by on December 19, 2017

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Successful people love to share their success. Seeing other people win in life is the greatest joy to mentoring. Since most mentors have been mentees at some point, it feels great to give back, not to mention the immense benefits to the mentor that come from sharing and teaching.

First, be sure you are not overlooking people you already know. Remember that a mentor is just someone who has already done what you wish to do. They don’t have to be famous multi-millionaire playboys, just experienced and successful in that area. Also, it would be worth asking everyone you can “Who do you know that is great at ?

Lacking a real person, the next best thing I’ve used are books. Imagine that you can take a successful person’s entire 80+ year existence and extract all the knowledge and insight they’ve gained, condensed into a 300 page book. Some audiobooks actually have the author narrating and sharing even more nuggets than what’s in the book.

Best question to ask a potential mentor:

“I’m very impressed with your success with . Can I buy you a cup of coffee to pick your brain on that topic?”

If they say no, follow up with this question

“Look, I really respect what you’ve done. What must I do to earn a meeting with you? I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Of course, then it’s time to put up our shut up. If they ask you to prove you’re worthy of their mentorship, do it without question. Then empty your cup (what you think you know) and have a list of questions for them. Be curious and extract as much golden information as you can. This person may be a goldmine, but you still have to dig.

This brings me to possibly the most important point: Being serious about winning! It’s the easiest thing to smell on a person, so be sure you don’t smell lazy, uncommitted, or unsure of what you want. Any hint you aren’t serious, and it’s not a mentor you need, it’s to reevaluate your goal!

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